Dual Stingrays USB Charing Kit for Slots and Bars

Dual Stingrays USB Charing Kit for Slots and Bars

Dual Stingrays USB Dual Charging Kit inclides 2 Stingray USB Smart Surface Pucks that are powered by a Dual USB 4.2 Amp Charger that proives 2.1 A charge to each Stingray puck. 1 Kit can over up to a 12 ft span,

Customers do not like to share charging ports. Once their device is plugged up it becomes part of their private space. Keep your customers comfortable for 40% less than antiquated dual chargers. 

The smooth (no bolt) finish keeps surface areas free of collecting food, drink or ashes from custoemrs. Ease of cleaning keeps Housekeeping and the Heath Department happy!.

Installs with one hole drilled instead of 5 holes that competitors require. 

Now the same trusted charging solution that has been under the table is available on top. Perfect for Slot play areas and bars or any tab le top surface.. This new product has all the lastest features built in and has a 6ft cable.

Stingray Highlights 

-They have LED lit ports so they promote themselves and make it easier for your customers to see and use the new service you provide.

- They are 100% compatible with all USB charging devices included Samsung Tablets.

- The built in Magic Adapter increases the charging rate and eliminates Data lines. Your customers do not have to worry about juice jacking and their information being compromised.

- They eliminate the liability you would have from putting 110v outlets accessible by  customers as they drink at your bar.  You only expose your customers to a harmless 5v (same as a flashlight).

- Mounts with 3M VHB included.

*Casinos and Hotels Call for 1k plus pricing