SNC Type A USB, Magic Adapter with Data Blocking

SNC Type A USB, Magic Adapter with Data Blocking

Adapter, universal charging and Data Blocker. (Variable Resistance Compensator). Here at the office we just call this our Magic Adapter. This unit is a Male to Female adapter, and when used inline, will change the current to adapt to any smart phone or tablet.  For commercial installations of single USB charging bases, as in slots, you will need this device to be certain that phones with different resistances in the charging process will work with your charger.  This fits inline, place it in the charger (the dual base or single base) and then plug in your puck cable. 

To further explain, some USB outlets only charge some phones and not others.  This adapter fixes that problem.  We use this adapter for Slot solutions, where the customer plugs into only one USB and that port has to charge all phones.  If you have an application where some Blackberry phones or some Galaxy Samsung tablets do not charge, then get this universal adapter and plug it in line with your USB charger.

For personal use, this device also will get the maximum charge out of any usb device you plug into.  In some cases, with some phones, this means that you get a faster charge in less time.  If you travel, you should own a few of these, since not all usb chargers out there are universal, and some may be slower than others.  With this adapter, you will be most certain  you can get a charge from a commercially provided USB outlet.  Just plug it on to the end of your charging cable and then into any laptop or other USB base.

This adapter also blocks data transfer.  This will hack proof your charging.  When you are charging in a public venue, you can be certain that your phone or tablet will not be connecting to any computer at the other end of a USB socket.

NOTE:  The USB charging cable with lighted LED and metal barrel has the "Magic Adapter" chip built in.  Therefore, this adapter is not necessary if you are installing the Metal USB cables for slots.

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